Sísifo Research Group

The Sísifo Research Group has been intensively investigating Cordova for more than two decades from an archaeological and historical point of view due to its relevance in our past. This has enabled us to generate and manage an enormous amount of information that we have been exploring in research projects, doctoral theses, master’s thesis, scientific publications of high rank, participation in international congresses, conferences, seminars, courses, etc.

In addition, Sísifo is also involved in an intense task of scientific dissemination which has twofold objectives: Transferring to society the knowledge produced in recent years and raising awareness of the importance of the archaeological heritage and its potential as a resource for future.


Desiderio Vaquerizo Gil
Archaeological Full Professor
José A. Garriguet Mata
UCO Associate Professor
Alberto León Muñoz
UCO Associate Professor
Rafael Blanco Guzmán
Honorary Collaborator
Carmen González Gutiérrez

Ana B. Ruiz Osuna
Postdoctoral Contract
Belén Vázquez Navajas

You can contact the SISIFO Research Group in different ways:

  • Telephone: (+34) 957 21 85 58 (From Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2 pm)
  • Post mail:

Grupo de investigación Sísifo
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