Thematic tour: the mosques of Qurtuba

Last Saturday, December 1st we had a new archeological route in Cordoba, this time we focused on the neighboorhood mosques, in which we could see the development which the different points of the architecture and the city of Córdoba had been suffering from the Islamic era to the present.

Our tour started in the Alminar of San Juan de los Caballeros, contemplating a vision of how is doing the works about conservation of the monument and speaking about why we call it nowadays. After this point, we continue until the nearby Church of San Nicolás de la Villa, an interesting church that comes from the Fernanino origin, but it has doubts about if it could be a neighboorhood mosque in an Islamic era, to see the contrast between one and another in order to comprehend better the urban and current landscape. We continue our route stopping in the old convent of Saint Claire. With the influence of the Castilian conquest, it became in one of the first female convents of the city, harboring to the Orden de las Clarisas, in addition to discussing about the recent use and the controversy sourrounding the building.

We continue to the very well known Church of Santiago, where we couldn’t see unfortunately the alminar which had inside, although it could be seen through pictures and the contribution of the visitors of the route. Our last point was in the San Lorenzo’s Church, where we ended the rout doing a deconstruction of the current vision of the church, and the conservation of different elements that we used as a conclusion and final debate about how the different and representative buildings of cordoba have come to the present and how their placement in strategic sites have conditoned past and present urbanism.

We are grateful for the participation and collaboration of the people during the route and see you soon.