Urban archeological news in the islamic Qurtuba

In the recent conference we have had two archaeologists who have intervened in both excavations of the “Partial Plan 07”, in the area of Zoco-West Round. Rafal Clapés sowed us the excavation he made between 2006 and 2007 in the area in the ground  16A in which he found several households corresponding to an Islamic suburb. In this small stretch we can see three articulated areas around two streets where the houses are situated in two separated lines by a middle Wall. There is an orthogonal model of urbanism because it belongs to a new construction and the type of house found is the usual, hallway in a bend, courtyard with well (all the wells within the suburb are found aligned. It would indicate us a new previous planning about the construction of the neighborhood. A latrine with the blind  well to the street and 2 or 3 common rooms with a meeting room and an alcove associated with it. In addition to these tyical constructions made with plinth of masonry and elevated mudwall was found another structure of previous epoch, a building of rectangular floor, devastated and compartmentalized in two areas: the first one of a residential character with a hallway, courtyard and alcoves and the other one has been identified as a possible storage place with three parallel spaces. What is totally different of this structure would be its plinth of masonry with stone masonry and a header bond and a masonry box.  This last part would be dated from IX Century.

On the other hand, in the Manuel Cobo’s  intervention, he spoke us  about his excavation inside of the sector “Apple 5”. We found a big avenue which connects the suburb with a series of secondary streets. Three areas in the households, a mosque and a building of greater draft with an integrated bathroom. we must highlight of all this area:

A big house with private bathroom, which consists of 3-4 rooms, an hypocaustum, praefurnium and  lead pipes, in addition the building has two large courtyard where the stratus of farming has been found.

The mosque, on the other hand, would be rectangular, divided into three spaces: a hypostyle prayer hall, a courtyard giving access to the enclosure through a porticoed entrance and a hamman or ablution room.